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Optyl* is a material patented by CARRERA and is currently produced and used exclusively by SAFILO GROUP, Italy.
It is a thermosetting plastic which, as well as having outstanding physical and chemical properties, guarantees excellent surface finish and higher strength than conventional thermo-plastics (acetate, propionate, etc.).
Corrosion resistant to perspiration and cosmetics, the last especially important for the ladies.




  • Low weight (20% lighter than other similar polymers)...
  • Flexible, comfortable and adaptable to the face shape...
  • Memory effect - by heating it to 80-120°C, Optyl can be adapted to fit the anatomy of the face, and when the material cools - the new form is maintained. When heated up to the `memory` temperature again, it returns to its original shape...
  • Heat resistant and mechanically strong. Non-deformable, the original shape of the glasses is maintained in all situations...
  • Contains no plastifiers, hypo-allergenic and non-irritant...
  • Obtained via vacuum casting technology, 3-dimensional design and unique color effects.


Optyl frames can be adjusted by heating them properly using a hot air warmer or a container with small glass beads in the temperature range 100°-130°C until the frames become soft and pliable.


The lens for Optyl eyewear can be 0.4 mm larger in size when of the CR-39 or similar variety, and 0.2 mm larger when using a glass lens.
 For lenses to be positioned correctly, it is important that the frames be warmed evenly and left to cool down slowly once lenses have been inserted!


Clean under lukewarm running water using a normal neutral cleansing liquid and dry with a soft clean cloth.
 Do not use solvents (such as alcohol or acetone), or aggressive chemical detergents, as they may be detrimental to the eyewear!


UHU Plus glue is recommended for gluing Optyl parts together.
 Do not heat frames after they have been repaired!


Temples must not be heated near the spring hinge.
 You should heat ONLY the area around the ear-bend!


12 April 2010


Lightweight, hypoallergenic eyewear with original colour effects and exceptional qualities? If it is also extremely fashionable, it becomes absolutely irresistible! All this is possible thanks to Optyl® - a trademark which identifies a plastic used exclusively by Safilo for some of its most unique models.
Optyl® is a revolutionary innovation for people who want to wear eyewear with extraordinary characteristics: it is no coincidence that some of the most prestigious brands that Safilo produces, include models in their collections which use the particular material identified by this trademark.
The product of a special combination of substances, it is a thermosetting plastic material which is extremely lightweight and comfortable because it adapts to the wearer's face. A durable material, it is also hypoallergenic since it contains no plasticisers. Furthermore, it is treated with a special surface coating which protects it from corrosion caused by sweat and cosmetics. 
All these exceptional characteristics are encapsulated in a frame which can also pride itself on outstanding colour and three-dimensional effects.


Optyl® is a registered trademark by Safilo.
The bottle preserves the result of an experiment which aptly demonstrates one of the special properties of this material ☛ its memory effect.
In fact, the bottle and frame front have been heated to a temperature of 140°C; when the front frame reaches this temperature it is deformed.
But once inserted in the bottle, it cools and reverts back to its original shape!

...what's happening on heating the frame (1:15)



The Optyl® Story***

CARRERA was founded in 1956 in Austria by Wilhelm Anger.  As a sports eyewear maker,

Read his story in VM Magazine...
Wilhelm Anger Werker
was inspired by the Carrera Panamericana auto race. Twenty years later, they changed their name to Optyl International and devoted themselves to make motorcycle goggles and ski masks.

In 1964, Wilhelm Anger developed and patented the Optyl® material, which was a heat-hardened plastic, weighing 20% less than acetate, resulting in a reduction of allergic reactions and improved fit through a memory effect that provided permanent elasticity and dimensional stability.  

In 1974, the company was renamed CARRERA International and established a headquarters in Traun, Austria, and went to partner with automobile designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

Read about PORSCHE in Wikipedia...
to develop the sunglass collection CARRERA Porsche Design.

In the 1980s, CARRERA sponsored sporting events such as the America’s Cup, the 1988 Winter Olympic Games (Calgary, Canada) and Formula 1 racing.

In 1996, Safilo Group S.p.A. purchased CARRERA and now have headquarters in Padova, Italy. The very well known Carrera sunglasses models Carrera Champion and Carrera Safari were created in 2008 and are the best sellers since. Same year the company established its assembly industry in the province of Zhengzhou, China.


* Info provided by Safilo Canada
** Released by Safilo Group Press Office
*** Source Wikipedia



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